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Installing GitLab on Your Own Server (Part 6) – Configure NGINX for Pages

Now I create a NGINX server as TLS termination proxy for the GitLab pages.

I only want to serve a small number of projects/groups and want to use Let’s Encrypt for the certificates. Together with my provider settings I’m not able to use wildcard certificates from Let’s Encrypt.

So I set up a dedicated domain for each group I want to serve and do not serve other groups.

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Installing GitLab on Your Own Server (Part 5) – Configure Docker Registry

You can run a docker registry either inside GitLab or use your own external docker registry together with GitLab where GitLab is only responsible to authenticate access to your registry.

I will describe in this article how to integrate an external registry with GitLab. The major problem that you encounter when choosing this setup is that there is no single description how to do this.

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Installing GitLab on Your Own Server (Part 4) – Import GitHub Project

I had my projects hosted on GitHub and wanted to move this projects to my own instance. So after installing GitLab on my own server I started moving the projects.

Moving a project from GitHub to GitLab is quite easy. When creating a project in GitLab you have the chance to import a project from different sources. One of this sources is GitHub. For this the GitLab instance has to be configured to allow imports from GitHub (under Administration/Settings/Visibility and access controls).

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