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Accessing a SSL Protected Web Service with Metro out of a Glassfish Application Server

The Problem

I had the problem to access a web service out of a Glassfish Application Server (3.1.1). Basically this is not a problem because Glassfish (and Metro – the JAX-WS implementation in Glassfish) can handle web services quite well. But in my case there where some problems accessing the web service. My problems were:

  1. The web service has to be accessed via SSL.
  2. The certificate should not be stored in a truststore.
  3. The certificate has not the hostname as the CN.

The first problem is not really a problem but with the second problem together with the first one can be really tough to solve. So lets solve this problems ;-).
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Time Away

It was not possible for me to blog for some time now. The reason is that I’ve changed my employer and also had to move. Searching my new job and moving took some time and therefore I had no time to blog. But my next blog entry is nearly finished. I hope that I find some more time to blog in the future.