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Adding a Web Application to a Jar-File

I had the job to implement the client side of a web service. To test this implementation I needed a server. I could have used a full-blown JEE server and deploy the server-side of the web service there. I decided against this approach (for several reasons).

Another solution for me would be to use the official test server for the web server. This was not feasible because the test server could be down for several reasons (leaving me with searching for bugs that are outside the scope of my duty) and the data was not reliable and changed regularly so that reliable tests were not reproducible.

I decided to deploy my web service as a simple web application to a simple web server (Jetty in my case). Also I wanted a simple way to deploy my test server/service so I decided to embed the Jetty server into a simple application which I can start with a simple script.
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