Time Away

It was not possible for me to blog for some time now. The reason is that I’ve changed my employer and also had to move. Searching my new job and moving took some time and therefore I had no time to blog. But my next blog entry is nearly finished. I hope that I find some more time to blog in the future.

Developing Android apps with Maven


Now after more than one month my first post in my blog. I hope the time until the next blog will be shorter…

The last weeks I tried to set up an Android project with Maven. I’m using Maven 3.0.3 and use the android-maven-plugin from akquinet. So I generated a new project using the release project template from akquinet (de.akquinet.android.archetypes:android-archetype-project:1.0.7).

The project generates without problems inside my NetBeans IDE (I’m still using 7.0.1). When now trying to create a release (without any further configuration except the keystore) the build will fail.
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Welcome to my blog

A new blog on the internet… 😉

In this blog I’ll try to give you my insight view to the Java world.

With Java world I mean not only the JSE world but everything else around this e.g. JEE, Scala, Android, Spring and many more.

My goal is to send a post every week or two.

Hope you will enjoy my blog.